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Abbey Gibb is an Emmy-winning media mogul and a 3x TEDx speaker.

She’s on a mission to change the world through conscious and healing media. As a former TV news journalist, Abbey covered stories from the Capitol to the Super Bowl.

Now running her worldwide media consulting company, Healing Media Productions, Abbey empowers thousands of mission-driven entrepreneurs to gain clarity and media visibility with their unique messages.

Through this kind of storytelling, Abbey believes we can together rekindle our humanity and set this world on fire.


I help soul driven entrepreneurs, like you, harness your deepest voice, create authentic content and massive media visibility. ​

You know you’re called to something greater but…You’re making videos, courses, podcasts, social posts, writing emails and blogs… and it’s A. LOT. And your strategy? The old “throw it on a wall and see what sticks.”

Yeah… that’s not working is it?

We’ve all heard the saying “make it rain” $$ – but collecting rain in buckets only gets you so far… 

1: I help you clarify your message on different platforms, including stages, podcasts + social media – for IMPACT (let’s make it rain!)

2: Together, we maximize your business structure for INCOME & fill those buckets

3: Then the magic happens. I guide you in propelling your VISIBILITY for the momentum that feeds both

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