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Alexa Von Tobel – Finance For Founders

Finance For Founders – How To Structure Your Business Financials “The Smart Way”, To Not Only Earn More… But Finally Keep More of What You Make!

Stop Bleeding Cash & Profits By Simply “Modeling” The Financial Blueprints Of The Wealthiest Companies In The World…


This is the core tenant of the entire course. What good is more revenue if all it equates to is working longer hours for less take home pay? Instead you can now build a financial foundation for maximum profit.


This isn’t another boring or overly complex curriculum from some stodgy university professor. This program was designed for Founders, by a Founder. It’s fresh, simple, and filled with modern digital tools and strategies.


Using the Finance For Founders methodology, you’ll be able to forecast a rock solid financial plan so you can scale more quickly without worrying about all the hidden budget bottlenecks.


Money habits can make or break you. How you manage your money today typically dictates how much money you’ll have in the future. Inside this course you’ll take step-by-step actions, ensuring you develop long lasting money habits both personally and professionally.

Simple, Actionable, & Proven Tactics For A Complete Business Growth Plan

  • Master the financial literacy for an early stage founder and learn how the “new rich” think
  • Avoid “death by a thousand cuts” by finding where you’re currently bleeding cash.
  • Discover the digital tools and frameworks used by a 9-figure founder.
  • Keep more of what you make by working smarter, not harder.
  • Risk less by following a proven financial strategy.

What You Learn Inside Finance For Founders

  • Module 1: Goal Setting For Financial Fitness

In this module Alexa reveals her “6-Step Pyramid” for building a risk-averse, cash-rich and growing business. You’ll walk away being crystal clear on both your financial goals and exactly what it’s going to take to achieve them.

  • Module 2: Getting Organized

In this module you’ll get your financial house in order by getting everything organized the right way. From business structures and navigating the different types of debt, to protecting yourself and your business with proper insurance, it’s all here.

  • Module 3: Finance Basics: Numbers Don’t Lie

In this module you’ll master the finance basics without all the normal complexities. You’ll be able to see how your numbers tell the story of both the current health of your business and where it’s headed in the future.

  • Module 4: Multi-Year Financial Growth Plan & Budget

In this module Alexa will help you forecast and build out both your financial growth plan and budget. This financial plan becomes your north star, helping you to make strategic growth decisions and experience predictable profitability.

  • Module 5: The Finance Of Scaling Up – Hiring, Growth, Etc

In this module you’ll learn how to scale up quickly the right way from someone who’s done it. You’ll learn about some of the absolute biggest leverage points of growth and how to align your financials to make them work for you even more.

  • Bonus Module: Venture Capital Fundraising & Pitching

In this bonus module Alexa teaches you both her very own multi-million dollar pitch deck and her 6-step fundraising process. Since she’s been on both sides of the investor table — both raising hundreds of millions of dollars and investing in companies herself, she can show you exactly what to do to succeed when you’re ready.

About Your Instructor

Meet Alexa Von Tobel, Harvard Business School dropout and founder of LearnVest, the fastest-growing financial planning software company in the history of the U.S.

She grew LearnVest from a bootstrapped NYC startup, to raising $69 million in venture funding, to then selling the business to Northwestern Mutual for $375 million in 2015!

With more than 1.5 million customers using her personal finance software, Alexa knows exactly where to look for the biggest leverage points in your business financials.

Name of Course: Alexa Von Tobel – Finance For Founders | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://foundr.com/f4f-public-sp

Author Price: $497 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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