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Show And Tell Funnel

What I’ll be Showing you Inside of the “Show and Tell Funnel” Program.

Part 1: The 10 Emails a Week Client System.

You’re going to see a full walkthrough of how sending 10 emails a week (that take around 1-2 hours to send) can get you clients from all over the world… no matter where you live.

You’ll finally be able to have a consistent way to attract clients without ever having to meet them face to face.

Part 2: The Show and Tell “Email Writing Campaign” Template.

You’ll get the exact email template that I use to write personal cold emails to my potential clients.

You’ll learn how the embedded “psychological hooks” grab the attention of these business owners and get them to respond back. You’ll also see exactly how I respond to them to get the deal done.

Part 3: The Show and Tell “Single Page Sales Closer” Template.

You’ll get the full single page template that I use with my email campaigns to close business from a distance.

You’ll also see the powerful way that I use Remarketing to make sure that my message and agency isn’t easily forgotten.

Part 4: The “Once they Open Followup System”.

You’ll learn the exact hooks that I use to close the sale once they open up the emails that I send them.

You’ll see how I track opens and the followup process that I use to close the deal once they give me the “sales signals” that I need to move forward in the process.

Part 5: The $400/month Show and Tell Funnel Outsourcing Guide.

You’ll learn how to train someone else to send out the email each week, as well as set up the sale. This will allow you to focus on growing other parts of your agency.

This is the secret to putting your cold client outreach on autopilot without sacrificing the system’s effectiveness.

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view

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