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Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course

Who is Biaheza?

For those that know, you can skip this section. If you don’t know who he is, he’s mostly known for his Youtube Channel. He has a following of 100,000 subs that he just attained which is pretty impressive.

He’s only 18 years old and one of his objectives was to get to 100K since middle school, so kudo’s to him.

The topics on his channel vary, but they are focused mainly on dropshipping. Topics like Zero to Making $100k Per Month at 18, buying a rental home, 24 hour Shopify challenge, how to own a supercar, etc. are discussed.

So it’s a mixed bag of topics to achieve a primary goal – to get you excited about making money.

What’s Inside the Course?

Biaheza doesn’t draw out the course with a lot of filler and unecessary crap, instead he just gets to the point.

The whole purpose of his course is to help you get your first “big break” in drosphipping. So he’s either marketing it to complete noobs or ones that have tried and failed – fair enough.

You’re going to learn how he sets up his stores and uses software to find winning products. He claims that just by using this software he found a winning product right away. Not saying that won’t happen for you but in the real world it’s much more complex than that – he may have tested MANY different products before finding a winner which is more likely.

Other topics include things like web design, how to set up your product pages, how to position your ads so customers are not turned off with the long AliExpress shipping times and so on.

You’re also going to learn how to create a social media presence for your store with company pages.

There’s a section on how to create a viral ad for your products and this is always a hit and miss – no Ad is guaranteed to go viral – it takes luck as well.

Name of Course: Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course | Release Date: 2019

Sale Page: https://biahezacourse.com/home

Author Price: $297 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view

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