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The Video 4x Effect 2020

Brandon Lucero – The Video 4x Effect 2020

The Video 4x Effect 2020 – Learn How To Set Up Video Within Your Business and Combine YouTube, Facebook and Instagram So They Work Together In a Strategy That Scales Your Impact and Revenue Goals.


Pillar 1: Identify Your Impact and Revenue Goals

This is where we start and it’s where we end up BUT we only end up here because it’s where we started. What most people do is they start creating content for the sake of creating content because they think “more content” means more followers. But, they never take into consideration how that piece of content actually gets them one step closer to making a sale or making an impact. So… they don’t see an increase in either. We fix that in this pillar.

Pillar 2: Your Impactful and Effective Messaging

There’s a reason why two different people can use the same tactic but get such different results. It’s how they communicate in their content and sales process. Messaging is everything. If you seem to be struggling with sales or content it’s likely because your messaging is off and I am willing to bet you don’t stand for anything in your content. Be unique. Be different. Be You. That is what this pillar is all about… properly communicating what you do and how you do it with an effective message that properly influences the way the human mind processes information.

Pillar 3: Synergistic Strategy

Most people think they need to focus on one platform when growing their audience. This could be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or something like a podcast or blog. But, what most never realize is that video should be used on multiple platforms and be working together. When you do you can get major results on YouTube and grow your rankings and email list but also be using Facebook and Instagram to grow re-marketing audiences and create demand while building an audience. Instead of spending your energy on each platform, separately, why not put your time and effort into one strategy that will grow all platforms at once? That’s what the Video 4X Effect is all about.

Pillar 4: Make Video “Hands-Off” For You, The Entrepreneur

Almost everyone knows they need to be using video but they think it’s overwhelming and too complicated. But, here’s the truth… YOU SHOULDN’T be doing the video yourself. Do you think successful people became successful because they did everything themselves or did they become successful because they did the things successful people did? They relied on a team and when I was broke I created a system that pumps out amazing video on any budget. That’s what this pillar is all about… the video workflows, process, outsourcing, and production on ANY budget. That way you are not doing the video yourself.

What’s Inside?


Section 1: Visionary Mindset & Impact Goals

  • Setting The Foundation Of Powerful Content & Reality Shifts
  • Impact & Revenue Goals Turned Into Your Messaging North Star

Section 2: Your Unique Message & Unique Marketing Content

  • Your High-Level Methodology and Creating Massive Demand
  • Identifying Your Video Topics
  • Scripting Your Videos
  • Creating The Videos
  • Amplify Your Scripting – Ethical Influence & Persuasion

Section 3: Content Distribution Strategy & Schedule

  • Organic Posting Strategy

Section 4: Right Massage To The Right Person At The Right Time

  • Amplify The Video 4x Effect With Paid Traffic


By the end of the Video 4x Effect you will:

  • Have a system that other entrepreneurs have used to build hundreds of thousands of leads, millions of views, millions in sales, and make an impact that only the next-level entrepreneurs can make.
  • Have a video process in your business that is hands-off, so that you have the time and energy to focus on your vision and growth-focused tasks.
  • Grow your email list, audiences, following and business on multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Use video with intention so it works towards your impact and revenue goals, gets your audience connected to your impactful message, works within a synergistic strategy, removes you from the process and keeps you in front of your audience every time they’re online.

Who Is This Course For?

The Video 4x Effect is designed for the entrepreneur who already knows video is a required part of growing a business in today’s world.

  • Online Entrepreneur
  • Local Business Owner
  • Service Provider
  • Coach or Coaching Program Entrepreneur
  • Course Creator

Video 4X Effect works for you no matter what level you’re at because it’s about evolving you from where you are. It is not designed for a certain person at a certain level. This is about growing you as fast as we can regardless of where you are at.

Name of Course: Brandon Lucero – The Video 4x Effect 2020 | Release Date: 2020

Sale Page: https://pages.soldwithvideo.com/v4x

Author Price: $2997 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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