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SEO That Works is an SEO course created by Brian Dean, the owner of backlinko.com. So far, there have been three revisions of the SEO course. SEO That Works offers a revolution of the world of SEO. Because so many people that believe in SEO know the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to their web content, they pay lots of money to hire writers to give them premium search engine optimized articles. Still, most of those articles never even rank on the first, second or third page of Google.

So how do you get the best SEO results for your pages without having to wait around months for it to rank? Brian teaches effective content marketing. Brian’s strategy is based around building very strong content called The Power Page and marketing that power page.


Brian Dean is an SEO expert and he ranks on Google for some of the most competitive keywords on the web. Forbes recently profiled him and called him a “recognized SEO expert.”

For example, in the niche of SEO, Brain Dean ranks on the first page of Google ever since I could remember, for keywords like “keyword research”, “on page SEO”, etc. He outranks hundreds of SEO companies. He also runs an affiliate site that earns over $10k/month in revenue after 4 months! Brian’s graduates are SEO experts and they have grown their businesses and others amazingly higher in the ranks.

Aside from his coaching business, Brian Dean runs an agency that helps businesses rank even in so-called boring niches with his technique. In his SEO That Works course, he teaches everything he uses. He began by displaying what is wrong with the conventional notion of SEO and backlinks and how his new method can help.

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