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  • The 3 content types I used to get millions of clicks, hundreds of thousands of leads, and over 1,000 sales
  • REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: The content strategy and site structure I designed for Sumo.com (over 500,000 clicks per month)
  • How to create content that moves your readers to become customers without ever picking up a phone or doing webinars
  • My favorite content research techniques that identify hot ideas from cold duds
  • My 5-step content writing checklist with examples and templates so you too can delegate this to anyone
  • The exact process I use to hire quality writers that get results, instead of those fluff pieces that don’t even get shared or ranked
  • How to use smart content upgrades to convert 1 out of 5 of your readers into subscribers
  • How to do a “Pre-Launch Promotion” for your content that builds anticipation and ensures you won’t fall flat on your face when launching
  • How to rapid test headlines to find one that will get you 1,000’s of shares
  • The exact email I use to get other top influencers in my market to take part in helping me write and promote my content
  • The most powerful way to increase your audience size and get hundreds of marketing qualified leads in one day. Even if no one has ever heard of you before
  • How to get promotion partners, even if you think your current audience size isn’t big enough for them
  • How to know exactly which articles you should put paid clicks behind because the ROI is a sure bet
  • How to start out with a small budget, and turn it into a larger more lucrative budget
  • How to get the CEOs of industry-leading companies, even big VC’s, to like and share your content
  • The exact process I used to produce one of Noah Kagan’s highest shared articles of all time for OkDork
  • 10 promotion tactics that DID NOT work out, so you won’t waste your time on them
  • How I drove 50,778 clicks to one blog post on Sumo.com with just 1 hour of work
  • And much more…

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