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Build Your Own Profitable Affiliate Niche Site LIVE From Scratch Over 8 Weeks

If you’ve just come out of the 5 Day Site Build Challenge, you are armed with your big idea for a multi-profit site and you’re feeling excited to get going. This 8 week program is built to make sure you get there!

If you haven’t competed the Five Day Site Build Challenge yet, the mini-course which preceded this program, we’ll be covering what you missed and will ensure you are not left behind.


With Doug by your side you will learn his system for building successful, multi profit sites and follow along as Doug actually builds a new site from scratch with you.

Yes, it’s learning and you will gain valuable skills, but it’s also highly practical implementation and accountability.

AND at the end, with a small upfront investment you’ll have built something out of nothing that can pay for itself over and over again.

Doug’s alumni students above are now enjoying monthly passive income from their niche sites. For some, this has given them extra security in paying the bills or in case they are made redundant or want to quit their 9-5 – Multi Profit Site Program

For others, their big goal is to escape the rat race and build an income replacing portfolio of sites so they can semi-retire.

Maybe you would love to just be able to work 3 days a week so you can spend more quality time with family and friends, get healthy, travel more and reduce stress.


  • You are a budding internet marketing entrepreneur.
  • You have never built a niche site before but have basic web skills.
  • You have built a niche site before but it didn’t take off.
  • You want to grow a side income.
  • You want to build a site that has massive growth potential.
  • You want to have a defensible business, not a micro niche site.
  • You are someone looking for implementation, not just information.
  • You have big aspirations and a little spare time.

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