The Lending Lead Gen Academy – Business Loan Lead Generation

Business Loan Lead Generation – The Lending Lead Gen Academy

Ready To Start Generating 50-100 Business Loan Leads Every Month On Complete Auto-Pilot For Your Lending Business?

No more cold-calling, door-knocking, or buying leads that have been called 20 times already.

The Lending Lead Gen Academy gives you a road map that literally takes you by the hand, on to my computer screen, and shows you step-by-step, piece-by-piece, how to build your very own Lead Generation Machine that will consistently generate 50-100 or more Business Loan leads every single month in multiple industries.

Module #1: The Foundation

  • The Facebook Page: Create a killer, high-converting Facebook page that’s ready to advertise with
  • H: Explain the benefit of your products
  • Icon: Change the icons in the settings

Module #2: Facebook Ads and Funnels

  • The Facebook Ad: Watch me as I build multiple ads from scatch
  • Highly-Targeted Audiences: Learn how to target people who actually WANT funding
  • The Pre-Qualification Funnel: Customize your new funnel to generate SUPER HOT lending leads
  • Retargeting: Set up powerful Retargeting campaigns that capture additional leads you didn’t get in the first campaign

Module #3: Automation and Follow Up

  • Automated Lead Generation: Learn how to completely automate your lead generation
  • My 5 Email Follow Up Sequence: Copy and Paste my email sequence that converts your new leads
  • Content Creation: My secret “weapon” for using other people’s content

Module #4: Tips, Tricks, and Resources

  • Facebook Ad Copywriter: My secret tool that writes Facebook ad copy FOR you
  • Spy on Competition: Find ads that your competitors are running and mimick the ones that work
  • Facebook Interest Discovery: Find out which interests you’re using are producing the best results
  • Know Your Numbers: Metrics you should look at to determine what’s working and what’s not – 1K Day Fast


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