Rggedu – Car Photography – Retouching With Easton Chang


Who is Easton Chang?

Easton is a professional commercial photographer based out of Australia. Cars are his passion and the gateway drug which lured him into photography. Easton’s work has earned him a fair share of accolades, with an expansive client list including Ford, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Audi.

His images have been published worldwide and he has earned the coveted title of Australia’s Advertising Photographer of the Year three times. It is no wonder Easton is considered one of the automotive industry’s top photographers.

Easton Chang teaches the art of photographing vehicles

Car photography is one of the fastest growing segments in photography today. Automobiles have often been described as rolling pieces of art, evoking feelings of speed, power and beauty. Easton Change shares with you the secrets which have made him one of the world’s most sought-after car photographers.

Easton takes you on a journey across the United States to show his techniques of enhancing a vehicles beauty, conveying power and speed and how to understand the flowing lines of any vehicle.

Learn four essential techniques which make up the pillars of car photography.

  • Static Shots
  • Panning Shots
  • Tracking Shots
  • Dynamic Shots

With 21 hours of content describing techniques like light painting and including step by step retouching, this car photography tutorial will help you define your pathway and stand apart from the crowd.


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