Escala Academy Amazon Business by Eli Lipshatz [Specia Offer]

Escala Academy-Amazon Business

Escala Academy Amazon Business by Eli Lipshatz

Your Systemized Amazon Business is Only a Course Away

Escala has spent the last 3 years systematizing the world’s best Amazon brands, agencies, and aggregators. Leverage our proven methodology to scale your eCommerce business today.

Absolutely Everything you Need to Systematize your Own Amazon Business

For the first time ever, we’re giving away our step-by-step blueprint for successfully scaling Amazon businesses through systems and processes.

  • Process Mapping
  • SOP Documentation
  • Organization Chart
  • Accountability Chart
  • ClickUp Workflows

What’s inside Escala Academy Amazon Business?

  • Escala Academy – Preview
  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Current State Assessment
  • Module 3: Future State Design – People
  • Module 4: Future State Design – Technology
  • Module 5: Future State Design – Process
  • Module 6: Future State Implementation
  • Module 7: Summary and Next Steps

What makes the course special?

While so many Amazon business owners complain about their bandwidth and work/life balance, barely any services actually help them solve this problem.

Escala is really the only service dedicated to building systemized Amazon operations. And the beautiful thing about the Amazon industry is that while each and every operation is different, they share large amounts of DNA. So the more projects we complete, the smarter we get.

After systematizing over 100 Amazon operations, we’ve built a streamlined methodology for building Amazon processes for scale, and now we’re giving it to you!

Am I getting free SOPs? Or am I learning to create my own SOPs?

If you’re looking for a list of Amazon SOPs, you’ve come to the wrong place. We do not believe that pre-populated SOPs actually help you run a systemized operation, and we say that from experience.

While we do give examples and templates for everything, our focus is on empowering you to implement the Escala methodology for eCommerce systemization on your own business.

We do not give you the finished product; we empower you to build your own finished product.

We believe in 100% customized SOPs for your operation, and true systemization can only come through long-term investment in the process.

Can I succeed in this course if I’m not process oriented?

Yes. Lipi places an emphasis on holding your hand through building out all of the deliverables, from process mapping, to SOPs, to ClickUp integration, etc.

We only released the course once we felt that we got it to a level of simplicity that all Amazon business owners could successfully implement, whether they’re process driven or not.

About Author:

Eli Lipshatz, or Lipi, is the Co-Founder of Escala, and has overseen over 100 systemization projects of Amazon brands, agencies, and aggregators.

He has become the resident subject matter expert for systems and process in the Amazon industry.

Before Escala, Lipi was the Head of Operations for an Amazon Private Label brand, systematizing each core function within the business before its exit to Thrasio.

Enroll in our course now and discover how Lipi can help fast-track your Amazon business growth.

Name of Course: Eli Lipshatz – Escala Academy – Amazon Business | Release Date: 2023

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