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Ezra Firestone – 1,500$ per Day with Pinterest Ads Workshop

Hi, Im Ezra and this is The story of how I made 520 eCommece sales that generated $41,254.34 in revenue from $775.50 in ad spend with Pinterest Advertising.

September 19th, 2013, was shaping up to be just another average Thursday until Pinterest, the worlds fourth largest social network, announced the impending roll out of their advertising platform.

At that point, Id already had my eye on them for quite some time. With warp-speed growth, a user base of 70 women, and an average user household income of over 100,000, Pinterest was shaping up to be an eCommerce marketers dream!

I mean, cmon! The whole point of Pinterest is for users to search and make lists (boards) of the things they want. For an eCommerce retailer, theres nothing better than that: a large group of people with disposable income telling you exactly what they want by searching for it. I knew it was only a matter of time before Pinterest monetized their platform by letting advertisers display messages to their users.


Businesswoman pulling blank bannerAs you can imagine, I was STOKED when I heard that Pinterest ads were finally here! I was even more excited when I found out the ad platform was going to be a combination of query based visibility (read: people seeing ads based on what they’ve searched — a la Google) AND contextual visibility (read: people seeing ads based on demographic data points like age and gender — a la Facebook).

Unfortunately for me, Pinterest was only letting in a few fortune 500 retailers to test, so I was going to have to wait. Disappointed as I was, I didn’t let it get me down; the eCommerce business is a long game where patience and consistency pay dividends, and I’ve been playing for a while. I remember when Google Adwords were 3 cents a click; I remember when Facebook launched and we were able to generate full price eCommerce sales for under $5 each.

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