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Jack Butcher is a designer, entrepreneur and the founder of Visualize Value – a content platform teaching people to communicate visually and build great online products.

Jack started off in his career as a graphic designer and after several spells in Creative Director roles in different agencies and startups, he set up his own agency business. After a while, the business started to take its toll on him so he decided to productise his skills in branding, design and strategy for a wider audience.

After growing a big audience on Twitter and Instagram with his signature VV graphics, he created two successful courses – How to Visualize Value, a playbook for creating meaningful visual communication; and Build Once Sell Twice, where he teaches his process for creating digital products and taking VV’s revenue to $100K/month.

In this conversation we discuss

– The principles of design that separate forgettable brands from iconic ones
– How to productize your skills and standout in the new economy
– The curriculum building methods Jack has used for his successful courses

We also speak about the value of transparency in marketing and Jack even gives me a little coaching session as I discuss my challenges with running and scaling a content marketing agency. If you want to learn more about visual communication, or separate your income from your time, this won’t disappoint.

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