Jason Bell – Birthday Marketing Formula

Birthday Marketing Formula

Hundreds Of Businesses In Your Zip Code Will Eagerly Pay You $500 Per Month For Your Help…

Discover How A Simple 3-step Process, A Hidden Facebook Feature, And An Automated Tool Can Convince Local Businesses To Pay You $500 Per Month, Each, & Be Absolutely Thrilled To Do It…

We covered a lot of things today.

  • We talked about how local businesses are not getting enough people through the door and are in desperate need for more customers – not just because of the lockdowns, but because they don’t have the time or knowledge to focus on marketing.
  • For you, this is an opportunity to help them get more customers & get paid in the process.
  • We learned that people are more open to spending money around their birthdays – but they prefer some kind of a special birthday offer.
  • For local businesses, the most effective channels are coupons and online advertising.
  • Thanks to the technology, we can now combine the two, and deliver those old-school birthday coupons through digital channels.
  • Creating digital birthday coupons with special offers is the best way to get customers through your local clients’ doors – and you’re making it possible for them to have that kind of campaign and bring customers.
  • Since you’re solving their biggest problem, local businesses will be happy to pay you $500 per month to keep this system running for them.
  • Thanks to the special software I developed, this is a set-it-and-forget-it system that will take only 1 hour to set up.
  • Finally, you don’t need to have any previous marketing knowledge or experience, because we can provide you with everything you need to set & run an effective and profitable campaign for your local clients.

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