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The most universal and success-probable techniques, strategies, tactics, and concepts that ANY entrepreneur – large or small companies, product or service providers – could immediately and profitably apply to dramatically increase the business they run and multiply sales, profits, and preemptive, competitive posture…

The resulting 13 modules were probably some of the clearest, most evolved, impactful, informative, and potent, action-based, new content I’ve ever done!

Here is a Breakdown of the Individual Content in Each Segment:
Module 1

  • 9 ways a business gets stuck and what to do about it
  • The difference/implications between being strategic vs. tactical

Module 2

  • More on the 9 ways a business gets stuck and what to do about it
  • How to properly target the market to sell more
  • Jay Abraham Key philosophies for strategy/sales/marketing
  • The 3 ways to grow your business
  • The Power Parthenon for geometric business growth
  • Building a sales force the proper way
  • Critical thinking and how it can help your business
  • The 9 drivers of exponential growth
  • Consultative advisory selling and how to do it effectively
  • How to discover and maximize what is already working for you
  • Copywriting done the right way

Module 3

  • How to achieve unlimited business growth without any investment
  • Real life case studies of working with relational capital
  • Understanding and implementing the power of relational capital
  • Strategic alliances. How to find them and form them the right way
  • Joint ventures, when, why, how, and where

Module 4

  • Performance enhancements to apply in different parts of your business
  • How to exponentially multiply what is working right now
  • Understanding the minds of your audience deeply
  • How to go about prospecting for more clients
  • The 5 stages of the buying process and how to apply them
  • The importance of optimization and how to do it properly

Module 5

  • Q&A With Jay. Listen to Jay resolve issues, find opportunities, and shift the minds of the callers to create real life business breakthroughs

Module 6

  • How to build long term trust with your clients, vendors, prospects, and everyone you deal with
  • Q&A With Jay. Listen to Jay resolve issues, find opportunities, and shift the minds of the callers to create real life business breakthroughs

Module 7

  • How to deal strategically and cost effectively in markets that are rapidly changing
  • How to deal with online businesses that compete with offline businesses
  • Revitalizing old brands and establishing credibility in the current or changing marketplace
  • Key strategies for dealing with marketplace competition
  • How to grow a business in a bad economy

Module 8

  • How to build raving fans for your products or services
  • How to harness the power of crowdfunding
  • 22 of Jay’s strategies to make any business more successful

Module 9

  • A deep dive discussion on the power of developing strategic thinking
  • More on The Power Parthenon for geometric business growth
  • Analyzing data for business growth
  • Maximization and optimization of different aspects of your sales and marketing

Module 10

  • The important factors of closing a sale
  • How to establish relationship criteria for getting more referrals

Module 11

  • How to grow your business during challenging economic times
  • Universal elements you must apply to your business to stay competitive
  • How to ensure your current and past clients buy again and again
  • Advanced ways of growing your business
  • More deep dive Q&A With Jay. Jay delivers real world business breakthroughs for the various businesses of the guests

Module 12

  • The importance of trust building and how to do it the right way
  • How to become a Maven to amplify your marketing efforts
  • Understanding and applying The Strategy Of Preeminence
  • Another Q&A session with Jay. Listen to Jay find opportunities and dive deep into various businesses to uncover hidden pockets of profit

Module 13

  • The best practices for prospecting – and what not to do
  • More thought provoking Q&A With Jay

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