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Jay Cataldo – Mindvana Lite – GOLD Edition

Mindvana Lite – GOLD Edition – Hypnotize complete strangers like a pro on your very first attempt while making them feel incredible from head to toe

In addition to everything you just learned in the FREE version of Mindvana Lite (the full induction, the happiness elicitation, the re-elicitation triggers, etc.), the GOLD edition will also teach you…

  • How to create intense, full-body pleasure states that make women feel incredible
  • How to elicit “body tingles” with just your words, alone
  • How to produce hypnotic phenomena (like eye-lock, arm levitation or any other effect you choose)
  • A “blind therapy” method to help someone solve a difficult life problem
  • A full explanation for each step of the process and why everything works so well
  • My “immaculate perception” protocol, so you never have to worry about messing up and looking foolish if things don’t work
  • How to troubleshoot the process (on the rare occasion it doesn’t work)
  • What to do if you get “caught” hypnotizing someone
  • A downloadable script you can read right off your cell phone

You’ll also get to see me guide ten different girls through the process, so you can see all the different ways a subject might respond (and what to do in each case).

Mindvana Lite is a stripped-down version of my famous “Mindvana Method” that has helped men all over the world enhance their relationships and deepen the levels of romantic intimacy with their partners.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who’s curious about the power of hypnosis

Meet Your Instructor

Jay Cataldo – Master Hypnosis Trainer and owner of LearnHypnosisFast.com

I’ve been studying hypnosis since 1997 and started my practice back in 2007. Since then, I’ve been helping people all over the world transform their lives using the power of hypnosis.

I launched my online school, “Learn Hypnosis Fast” in 2016 after one of my (now infamous) youtube videos went viral.

I’m best known for my Mindvana Method relationship-enhancement program and my 7-Day Quick Start Home Study Course, which have helped hundreds of people all over the world learn and apply hypnotic principles FASTER than they could have ever imagined.

My YouTube videos are designed to educate, entertain, and inspire and have been viewed over 15 million times.

Name of Course: Jay Cataldo – Mindvana Lite – GOLD Edition | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://www.udemy.com/course/mindvana-lite-gold-edition/

Author Price: $69.99 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view

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