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Email has been around for decades and, while it might have taken the backseat with the advent of other marketing platforms (Hello, Facebook!), it has proven time and again that it’s still the most effective way to reach your audience.

Because of this, millions of businesses have opted to use email to propel their marketing efforts and, as such, it’s gotten harder and harder to stand out among a sea of promotional emails. In fact, email marketing best practices are evolving constantly. This means that any strategies or tactics you might have been using in the early 2000s may no longer be effective!

To keep your email marketing efforts profitable, it’s important to stay on top of email marketing trends and develop a solid and sustainable marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll be going through all the ways you can step up your email marketing game and get ahead of your competitors this 2021!


When it comes to creating a winning email, there are countless nuances that come into play. You should have a very clear structure in place, otherwise you run the risk of your subscriber become disinterested in what you have to offer.

Most promotional emails should have the following 3 elements:

Feature – Let them know what makes your product/service unique from your competitors. Make sure you’re phrasing it in a way that caters to your audience’s needs, too.

Benefit – What problem is your product/service able to solve? Always tie in your feature to a benefit that has an emotional connection to your audience in one way or another. This is key to making a sale – people buy with emotions and justify with logic.

Call-to-action – Once you’ve laid out everything you have to offer, end it with a clear, actionable CTA that speaks to your audience. Avoid bland phrases like “Subscribe Now” and try to spice things up. For example:

  • Give Us A Try – free 30 day supply”
  • “Click to Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days!”

Aside from having these three elements in your email, it helps to keep the following best practices in mind:

Less is More – Remember, people are looking for immediate gratification so make sure you get your message across in as few words as possible. If you’re pushing a promo code or a special discount, make it clear from the first line in your email.

Personalize by Writing in the Second Person – Personalization is still the trend this year so the next time you’re addressing your subscriber, use the second person along with their name. Always make it about them!

Plus, here’s another strategy that worked for our clients back in 2019. We wrote the emails like they were coming from an actual person, and not the store itself. So it came across as more personal.

Use actionable words – You should be sprinkling actionable words all over your copy and not just in the CTA. The entire goal of your email is to spur your subscriber into action so make sure you’re giving them a hefty serving of actionable words.


Refine customer experience by making sure your emails are more accessible. Here are some quick facts about today’s consumers:

  • Everyone’s always on mobile, with 47% of customers across different demographics using mobile apps when opening emails.
  • Voice assistants are on the rise in order to help visually impaired people not miss out on their emails.
  • The average attention spans of readers is about 13.4 seconds. That’s just enough time to digest around 50 words.

Taking these into consideration, here’s what you can do to improve accessibility.

  • Think about how your email and copy designs will look on the mobile screen.  This means more vertical designs, and placing CTA buttons right in the middle.
  • Remove jargon and complex words so your content is easier to both read and listen to.
  • Avoid blocks of pure text. Mix photos and text for an optimized and pleasant email experience.

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