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What You’ll Learn

1. Gain A Greater Sense Of Abundance:

Instead of feeling fear, stress, or negativity whenever you think of money, you’ll rewire your mind to see money as your dear friend. This is the foundation of having what Ken calls ‘Happy Money’.

2. Multiply Your Wealth:

Break through your perceived barriers of how much you’re worth or are capable of earning – and create a lifestyle where you always have more than enough to live on your terms, and even give back.

3. Upgrade Your Money Skills:

Discover how to break free from money-sapping habits like overspending and impulse buying, and even replace them with new habits that put money into your pocket..

4. Earn & Save More:

Hone an instinct for earning and saving in the right places – and let your bank account and peace of mind grow, as you move closer each day towards full financial independence.

5. Overcome Money Fears & Anxiety:

Release your fears surrounding debt, earning, and spending – and enter a state of free-flowing wealth, where you’re in complete peace knowing that money and opportunities will always be drawn to you.

6.  Raise Your Happiness Setpoint:

Condition your mind to not only feel happier about money – but about life as a whole. Gain a newfound sense of security and abundance, knowing that everything you want and need will be provided for you.

7. Grow Your Income:

Gain the courage, clarity, and confidence to turn your annual income into your monthly income – and design a way of life where you never need to settle for second best, or sacrifice one thing for another.

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