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Freedom Ticket 2.0

Freedom Ticket Course

The freedom ticket course is an interactive guide on how to sell on amazon. It is an A to Z of how to become an exceptional seller on amazon. Statistics show that most sellers who start on amazon fail. Some of the factors that lead to failure to sell on Amazon are:

  • Inadequate information on selling, or utilizing resources that have become obsolete
  • Lack of dedication to finish what they started. It is important for entrepreneurs on Amazon to know that selling requires commitment. Amazon selling also needs long hours of product research for them to stand out. Luckily for them, this course by Kevin King provides insights on how to become the best seller on amazon.

Course content

The authors of this course update it every time. This way, you get to learn with the most current materials.

Another reason why it is the best course is that it is very interactive. Learners can get at least 21 hours of content and over 60 video lessons. Besides that, there is a review for each module content at the end.

This way, an individual can keep the information they learned in the module. Another significant feature of this course is how the learning hours distributed out. Learners get to spend two to five hours every week for eight weeks.

This way individuals are not overwhelmed by the amount of instruction they receive.

Additionally, each module has written notes which are downloadable for future reading. Also, the course gives over 30 handouts covering topics like accounting and sourcing. The course has extensive resources to ensure the content is clear to learners who take it.

Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket has the following modules:

  • WEEK 1 – Introduction
  • WEEK 2 – Amazon & Business Basics
  • WEEK 3 – Branding, Money & Millions
  • WEEK 4 – Selection of a successful product
  • WEEK 5 – Suppliers, Orders & Shipping
  • WEEK 6 – How to compete and win Big
  • WEEK 7 – How to create high converting quotes
  • WEEK 8 – Ranking, Advertising & Promotions

These modules are dripped fed which means that it will slowly open up to allow time for you to absorb and really learn what is taught in the current modules. So no more binge watching and ending up taking no action!

Name of Course: Kevin King – Freedom Ticket 2.0 | Release Date: 2019

Sale Page: https://www.freedomticket.com/join-freedom-ticket

Author Price: $997 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view

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