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One of the biggest secrets to my business success over the past ten years, is an awareness of the business I’m actually in…

And what kind of business is that exactly?

Well some people might say that it’s an information publishing business because all of my products have been books and courses on topics that range from personal development, to online marketing, to investing.

But in reality, I’m actually in the business of building tribes of people who share a common problem or passion.
I am in the leadership business, and my email list of 400,000+ tribe members is my business’ virtual distribution channel.

The result is the single greatest lifestyle business that you can ever build for yourself.
In fact, here’s WHY you want to build a large list, and a following as soon as possible…
When you have a list, you basically have a business that is based around your biggest passion in life, and your primary job is to simply engage with, and help other people from around the world who share that same passion.

You can run this kind of business without any employees, or an office, and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

When you have a list, you can literally make income on demand by sending a single email.

And as your list continues to grow, that income potential becomes absolutely incredible.

And when you have a list, everything you do in business in the future becomes incredibly easy because you have a built-in following of fans, customers, and supporters.

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