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SalesProcess.io Accelerator

Background on Nick Kozmin

At the time of writing, SalesProcess.io is almost 6 years old! I wouldn’t review him if he started Sales Process Accelerator just yesterday.

Now, Nick’s a graduate of Sam Oven’s training ‘Consulting Accelerator’ and started from $0. Sam’s got a high reputation, but not everyone likes or appreciates his marketing on social media. Especially those with a losing mentality.

Sales Process Accelerator

This is the training program and (if desired) the consulting product that Nick provides. It’s for those who aren’t cheap, for those looking to invest. The program will take some capital.

When seeing ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, this is the program you’re eventually being pitched. Again, it’s for early-stage startups without an established sales team or systems in place. Primarily, his audience has little to no experience in building online sales funnels.

It’s clear to see that Nick not only has immense experience, but a shit ton of clients as well. At the time of writing, he has over 280 Saas companies on board, paired with a lot of reviews and testimonials.

Don’t let Nick’s Lamborghini fool you – he’s the real deal. He’s worked through the challenges, has a shit load of success stories, and has earned the car. That car is 5.5 years in the making. Thousands of people have been through his Case Studies.

Nick is likely the most expensive person in the SaaS sales consulting niche, at least for the early stage start-up crowd. Fundamentally, for good reason – he’s only looking for the best, those that want results. Boot-strapping startups are likely going to have to spend the months (or years) learning the processes themselves.

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view

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