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Unlike a course, this fully-comprehensive program offers 8 weeks of exclusive Mentorship & Training. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to cycle through ineffective training and courses. You’d only need one thing to see the results. Personal mentorship is that one thing.


Intensive 8-Week Mentorship

Whether you’re brand new or making $1,000+/day, you’ll find this 8-Week Mentorship to be the most straight-forward, actionable, and results oriented mentorship available. Learn and mastermind with others in the VIP members-only EcomX Facebook Group, where all members can ask any question, and join the weekly live calls.

EcomX Training Program

This is not your typical filmed-in-a-weekend dropshipping course. It’s 1 year in the making, with 8 weeks worth of step-by-step training & over 80 lessons. It’s comprehensive, full-stack education, with lifetime access and constant updates.

Facebook Ads Coaching

Facebook Ads is perhaps one of the biggest (and most costly) challenges for beginners to take on. Take the stress out of Facebook Ads & prevent costly advertising mistakes with direct training, from testing to scaling.

Collaborative Product Research

No more guessing on if a product is test-worthy or not. With EcomX, you will not only learn my product research methods, you’ll have all of your found products reviewed & approved/disapproved for testing. The saved costs from this alone pays for itself.

Work Review & Feedback

With other courses, you’re left hoping that your hard work pay off. With this mentorship, you’ll gain confidence in your work by having your store, product pages, & ad creatives reviewed to make sure they’re 100% optimized and ready for launch!

VA Talent & Resources

Outsource to the best virtual assistants (VAs) in the Shopify space. Skip much of the busy work with included resources, templates, tools, and access to top-grade virtual assistants (*charges apply for hiring VAs)

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