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Rosetta Stone Activate 2021

Perry Marshall – Rosetta Stone Activate 2021

Rosetta Stone Activate 2021 – the business you truly desire becomes easy to scale, irresistible to your ideal client, and immune to competitive pressure

If your business has not yet experienced THE SHIFT, the answer is not another band-aid, not another sales gadget. The problem is usually the engine itself.

If you’re still hustling to take whatever business that comes in, if you’re saying ‘yes’ to everyone in pants, if your product offerings are all over the place, if you still can’t volley back with a definitive answer to what do you do that NOBODY ELSE can do, we’re ready to help you fix that.

What you’ll learn

  • Rosetta Stone: Activate makes THE SHIFT easy and automatic. In Rosetta Stone 2018 I handed out 12 powerful tools. In Rosetta Stone: Activate I’ve streamlined this to one assessment tool, the Rosetta Scorecard, and one
  • Rosetta Process Flow Roadmap. John Fancher will help you complete these during the Implementation sessions. These X-Ray tools reveal the hidden skeleton of the scalable, irresistible, competition-proof enterprise.
  • In this course we make it simple and straightforward for you to hone a flaccid Unique Selling Proposition into a clutter-penetrating Definitive Selling Proposition. Your USP will improve dramatically in 45 minutes, and you’ll emerge with a roadmap to dominating your marketplace with a power DSP. This will, in turn, make your paid traffic less expensive; it will increase your conversion rates; it will deepen your ability to pay for advertising, thus you acquire more new customers with greater ease than ever before.
  • We’ll prune and pare down your sales message to exactly resonate with your most desirable buyer. This makes your emails, social media posts, ads and promotions more effective and less confusing. (A confused mind always says no.) Don’t work harder – market smarter.
  • We will laser-identify your most red-hot, bleeding neck ideal customer so you meet the need none of your competitors can or will meet. This permits you to sell in a competitive vacuum, releasing you from the relentless pressure from competitors.
  • We’ll develop a road map for your most ideal offer, striking the ideal balance between “what your customer wants” and what you can effectively and authoritatively deliver. Usually this is 30% adding features and 70% REDUCING features. (Not the other way around!) This lightens your workload and overhead. It strengthens your margins and profitability.
  • Suddenly you see with tremendous clarity how easily overlooked ingredients in your business turn out to be invisible moats and levers against encroaching competitors.
  • This is incredibly valuable, because your ability to think – breathe – act – create – enjoy – put money in YOUR bank account and not only always invest it back into the business – has more to do with your immunity to competition than any other single thing. We will strengthen those competitive barriers. Your best moats are largely invisible until they become invincible!
  • This refreshingly simplifies your life and opens up new s-p-a-c-e that restores your depleted creativity reserves

Who is this course for

This is not for you if you’re basically a representative, dealer, distributor, reseller or franchisee; or if for some other reason you do not enjoy the latitude to change the product being offered. Also, if inertia from family members, partners or employees will prohibit you from making signature changes, this is not for you.

You’re a fit for Rosetta Stone: Activate if you want to grow steadily without exhausting yourself; clearly differentiate yourself from all rivals; and become resolutely difficult to knock off.
In order to qualify for this program, you must have a functioning business that provides services, manufactured physical products, software, consulting or media, and you must have control of the final product that is delivered. You must be willing to butcher sacred cows.

If you are a “marketing crack cocaine addict,” this likewise is not for you. If you are still desperately clinging to the fantasy that you are merely one [insert tool / technique / method / manipulation / software subscription / hypnosis trick of choice] from solving all of your biggest problems… then go ahead and sign up for the next webinar that crosses your Facebook feed, and give somebody else a few thousand bucks. Planet Perry is for grownups.

Name of Course: Perry Marshall – Rosetta Stone Activate 2021 | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://www.perrymarshall.com/activate/

Author Price: $249 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Download link hidden, please LOGIN or PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP to view

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