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This is not a drive-by shooting of dirty hacks and shallow techniques. Or publicly traded stocks you’re supposed to buy or short in the next 30 days. And it’s not gonna be “obvious” stuff like “switch all your conferences from hotel ballrooms to Zoom.” (There. I already told you that one. Now we can move on.)

This is deeper. It’s more fundamental. Life altering. You will be employing these strategies next week, one month from now, one year from now, five years from now and 20 years from now.

How many online trainings can make that promise with a straight face?

What You Get:

Includes four webinar modules that are ready to view in our members’ area with handouts, transcripts and an online calculator that will help you judge markets and assess risks.

Some businesses are eminently “save-able.” You can and should to everything to bring them back to health. For others, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will NOT be able to put Humpty together again. The only thing you’ll receive by “saving” those is an early grave. I learned this in the ’08 crash, back when I believed that there was no problem good marketing couldn’t solve. A whole class of clients went bankrupt despite my best efforts. Slingshot Recovery will give you the tools to “rack the shotgun” on which businesses WON’T make it. If you need to walk away… better find out NOW. If you should stay… better commit NOW.

If your bank account gets frozen… if your assets are seized by the IRS… if your building is blockaded with yellow tape by the police… if your business is shut down… the ONE non-financial asset that determines whether you ride again the very next morning… or tumble precipitously and go “splat” and become a statistic

The #1 factor that sets your capacity to recover from a financial contagion — what that means you need to do TODAY – and how it will influence week-to-week decisions in your life going forward… for the rest of your life

How to consistently be in the right place at the right time, primarily because you know where not to go (and if you’re licking your wounds today, wishing you avoided this — what you need to be paying attention to for the next few months to avoid the next crisis)

How to forecast accidents before they happen and declare winners before the race is won (or even run). Discover the fledgling signal that suggested to me in April 2002 that Google would soon become THE 800 pound gorilla (it was FAR from obvious then, Google was just a strange little search engine with white background and a name that was hard to remember, plus their rivals were 10X bigger and better funded)… how I knew to host my Evolution 2.0 prize on HeroX instead of a host of other crowdsourcing sites… how I knew Barack Obama was going to win the 2008 election six months before it happened; and why I’ve been warning my clients about Black Swans for 3½ years (including a stern warning and group exercise at Roundtable San Diego in January) and why you need to recognize this mother pattern.

Why the 21st century is fundamentally different from the 20th – yes, even down to the most basic behaviors of human beings – companies large and small – and how you must begin distributing resources and risk in a fundamentally different way

How to instantly recognize the fractal patterns of Star Businesses; Simplification; Network Effect; and the “20/120 Rule” – so that you incorporate these principles even into microscopic, 2-hour projects and get the patterns into your muscle memory, into your very bones, so you succeed more naturally “by accident” than most people do on purpose. (This makes business strategy an hour-by-hour judgment call, especially when you have crisis on your hands!)

The psychology, daily regimen, education and social habits that cultivate a wealthy peer group, a rich bank account and lucrative day-to-day activities

How to recognize the “smoke signals” when a system is at capacity and ready to catastrophically fail – both for global scale systems such as college funding, and also for tiny, solo-entrepreneur systems (i.e. a custom piece of software you use or even developed yourself). This will keep you from throwing good money after bad – which is imperative in the current weeks of turmoil. (After all, what’s next? How is the current crisis only the first domino to fall in a world without Normal?)

One type of “catastrophic system failure” people will forgive you for… and another that will cause people to burn with hatred against you literally beyond your grave. (I’m heart-attack serious about this one. This one “rack the shotgun” will literally make or break your entire legacy… it will determine whether you are remembered with fondness or if “good riddance” gets spray-painted on your tombstone in red.)

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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