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Many coaches are struggling to break through their earning cap.

Whether that’s because they undervalue themselves, they can’t get any noteworthy clients or competition is stiff.

Making building a reputation as a reputable coach increasingly tricky.

That’s where Million Dollar Coach (and Taki Moore) come in.

As a coach you can learn how to demand a 6 figure income, have fully booked speaking engagements and make a fortune from one-on-one coaching sessions.

Taki has laid bare the tools and principles it takes to make it as a coach.

These methods are automated and don’t require that much to get started.

Taki shows you how to attract, convert and deliver in his 9-week program. These are the essential tools he uses to make it as a successful coach.

Who Is Taki Moore?

Taki Moore is the founder and CEO of Million Dollar Coach.

He has been a leader in coaching, and many of the world’s leading coaches trust him to help them “get butts in the seats.”

Hailing from Sydney Australia, Taki is also an author of the no.1 bestseller coaching book on Amazon and graduated from RMIT University in 1998.

Being a marketing expert and coach himself, he has decided to help other coaches (new and experienced) learn how to reach their full income potential.

He likes to share his expertise in his blog, Instagram and Facebook. More info about him and his family in Wikipedia.

Million Dollar Coach Summary

Million Dollar Coach is for coaches serious about their job and who want to make serious cash through helping others.

When you sign up for this program, you’ll get to learn what Taki has discovered as a world-class coach.

You get to discover what makes the best coaches in the world able to demand the paychecks they do. That’s what Million Dollar Coach is all about.

You no longer have to stress about or struggle to find clients. Why? because Taki lays it bare the solutions when you sign up.

Here are some things You’ll Gain From Joining Million Dollar Coach:

Insights into building a client base that values what you do, and will pay to have you do it.
An automated marketing system for finding and converting your ideal clientele.
The 9 strategies that drive a 7 figure coaching business that shows you HOW the best coaches in the world do it- and how you can do it too.
Access to the Million Dollar Coach network of like-minded coaches who can continuously motivate you and help you along your journey.
Ways to position yourself in the coaching industry
But more importantly, you’ll get to learn from the coach who coach other coaches; now that’s a mouth full.

Those who attend his sessions and who have read his book (and ultimately signed up for the program) only have good things to say.

Taki Moore also offers personalized coaching, mentoring, webinar and networking sessions with some of the world’s most renowned coaches, through his black belt and boardroom flagship programs.

But to sweeten the deal (or at least make it tastier), Taki is offering anyone who attends and isn’t satisfied with the outcome his Taco refund.

He’ll refund the program fee plus $10- enough to buy a Taco!

So there’s not much decision making you have to do when choosing who to go to in order to improve your coaching business.

With the right business, you can reach 6 figure income

Million Dollar Coach is a good fit to aspiring coaches and mentors out there.

However, if you are just looking for the best business online then I would rather recommend you the right business. And that is Local Lead Generation using free traffic.

It is very scalable and you can do it for the long term. You can build multiple digital assets that can generate residual income.

More assets, the higher the income. Here is one example of my lead gen sites that keep earning $750 per month since I built it last 2014

We are also showing others how they can do it as well with the help of this coaching program. It can teach how you can build digital assets online.

Learn the high income skills of local Lead generation using free traffic and eventually, earn over 6 figure and beyond online. Check it out!

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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