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The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation For B2C Business Owners

Stop Wasting Time On Expensive, Unreliable Marketing Agencies And Start Generating Hundreds Of Quality Leads Per Day In-House

This book contains everything Dan’s learned over six years of running a successful digital marketing agency in 140+ pages

The Ultimate Guide is designed for those who are ready to get up and GO, not for those who just want to “study the theory” and “maybe start tomorrow”.

Dan’s a huge fan of “learning on the job” and has implemented that belief into his book.

To support his mission statement, he’s included “plug and play” templates to get you started from the get-go. These create high-converting lead gen funnels for your business and cost millions to perfect. The results are extraordinary.

What’s Inside

1. How To Produce Top-Quality Leads And Smash The Competition

In this chapter, you’ll find:

  • GDPR myths busted
  • Cold, hard stats about advertising via Television, Radio, Print and Direct Mail
  • How the Dollar Shave Club created a multi-million marketing venture… and what to steal off them
  • Why Facebook Advertising is a Marketing Miracle and
  • What you need to do to crack its code

2. The Ultimate Guide To Hiring The Right People For Your Team

You’ll find:

  • 5 reasons to hire a graduate
  • Why 46% of new hires fail in the first 18 months, and how to prevent it
  • How to write an engaging job description
  • Why you should set a test task
  • The best interview techniques for businesses with a mission to succeed
  • What the Kolbe Personality Test is and how to use it

3. How To Build Facebook Campaigns That Convert Like Crazy

In this chapter, you’ll see:

  • Facebook’s incredible transformation since 2007
  • A break-down of the Facebook algorithm and how to make it happy
  • Why the Facebook pixel is a must for any campaign
  • How to hook your audience with a jaw-dropping headline

4. Persuasive Copy To Rival The Masters

In The Ultimate Guide, Dan will show you how to smash through your audience’s “ad fatigue”. Using a mixture of ad history, theory and step-by-step examples, the mystery of good advertising suddenly becomes simple.

Take a look into:

  • David Ogilvy and how his advertorials enraptured the nation
  • Inevitability, Intrigue and Solution: the 3 rules to master your hook
  • A/B split testing and how much it matters
  • A step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect advertorial
  • The magic of Facebook video and why you should consider transferring from print to screen

5. The Ultimate Guide to Sales Funnels For Top-Quality Leads

Dan shares with you:

  • The landing page software used for every single page produced by FlexxDigital
  • How to apply your “plug and play” landing page templates to Unbounce
  • How to add tracking and custom scripts, and integrate the Facebook pixel
  • Why a mobile-friendly version of your website is essential
  • The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation for B2C Business Owners is straight to the point. It encourages action from the first page.

If you visualize thousands of top-quality leads and a scaled business as the keys to your success, then this book will get you there – and quickly.

Name of Course: The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation For B2C Business Owners | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://flexxable.com/blog-our-b2c-book-ultimate-guide-to-lead-generation/

Author Price: $99 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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