Vinh Giang – Stage Academy

Stage Academy

Stage Academy consists of 7 modules, 41 videos and total of 7+ hours of entertaining and educational content where International Keynote Speaker Vinh Giang will take you through the foundations of communication and presentation.

The toolkit you will acquire is not only for on-stage presentations, it’ll help you in your off-stage communications as well.

What will you get inside Stage Academy?

You have one of the most complex instruments in the world – your voice. Yet when was the last time you sat down and learned how to use it to its fullest potential?

Once and for all, learn how to master your instrument. No stone will be left unturned.

Vinh will dive deep into vocal mastery, storytelling, body language, and much much more!

You are only as good as you can communicate. After you come through the Stage Academy, you return amplifying the best parts of who you are, improving your ability to lead the life you desire.

Stop playing a small version of yourself, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and allow the bigger version of you to shine through. Discover how to unlock your voice and your potential.

  • Vocal Mastery – Learn how to master your voice, the most important instrument in your life that allows you to have more impact!
  • Storytelling – Discover the power of influence, connection and persuasion through masterful storytelling.
  • Body Language – Learn the foundations to body language to bring your message to life.
  • Public Speaking – This is one of the most important skills as a leader, improve this and you’ll amplify your leadership.
  • Self Awareness – The moment you learn to become more self aware, you’ll learn to see how others are currently seeing you!
  • Storybank – Learn to build a library of stories that you can pull from anytime!

Name of Course: Vinh Giang – Stage Academy | Release Date: 2022

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Author Price: $1297 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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