60 Day Startup Course – Mitch Harper

60 Day Startup Course

60 Day Startup Course by Mitch Harper – How did Mitch co-found a company that does over $100,000,000 per year in revenue?

Through his methodical approach of pain validation in a market. Join the waitlist today and we will send you immediate access to this full lesson with Mitch Harper (taken from inside the 60 Day Startup course).

How to Launch & Grow a Successful Tech Product in Record Time

Learn how to build a startup in record time with the co-founder of BigCommerce (which did $100 million in sales last year) and 7 other tech products in which he’s used this exact launch system.

In 60 Day Startup Course, You Will Discover:

– Mitch has been building software companies since he was 17, you’ll learn the exact step-by-step sytem he has used to build companies like BigCommerce into an 9-figure ecommerce powerhouse . He’s been teaching this framework to his private clients include startups like Airtasker, FollowUpBoss, Biteable, Zookal and more.

– Mitch has invested and advised numerous companies, he also gets pitched tons of ideas. You’ll learn Mitch’s #1 method to validate your product to be successful before you even build the company.

– PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: MVP vs MSP, you’ll effortlessly identify which is right for you, and how to actually get your product built without having to know a single programming code yourself.

– Getting Your First Paying Customers: This is the most important element of the pre-launch phase, you’ll learn how to leverage it to skyrocket your audience base and get your first paying customer in 60 days.

– LAUNCH FRAMEWORK: Mitch breaks down the different launch formulas you can use and actionable tactics within those strategies…


Name of Course: 60 Day Startup Course by Mitch Harper | Release Date: 2019

Sale Page: https://foundr.com/start-a-tech-business-course

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Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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