AI Writing Course for Bloggers & Digital Marketers – Geoff Cudd

AI Writing Course for Bloggers

AI Writing Course for Bloggers & Digital Marketers by Geoff Cudd – Drastically increase your content output while lowering your costs.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside AI Writing Course for Bloggers?

  • How to use AI to ramp up your content production without sacrificing quality
  • How to edit content and avoid AI detection and penalties from search engines
  • Processes to create different types of AI content (blog posts, social media, product descriptions, etc.)
  • Which tools are best suited for different content types
  • Exactly how to use the top AI writing tools with over-the-shoulder demos
  • How to use AI to help prepare your online course

If you’re looking to scale your content with AI assistance, this course shows you exactly how to do that. From briefing to editing, and across every major AI writing tool, the course gives you the key knowledge to get started with AI blogging

Course Curriculum:

Welcome – Our Favorite Tools Overview
Introduction – What to Expect
High-Level Approaches to AI Blog Content
Using AI for Long-Form Content
Planning Your Content for AI Blog Posts
Our Favorite AI Tool for Blog Content
Using Content at Scale for Blog Posts
Using Jasper AI for Blog Posts
Using AI for Short-Form Content
Our Favorite Tool for Short-Form Content
Using AI for Email Copy
Using AI for Product Descriptions
Using AI for Ad + Social Copy
Using AI for Course Creation
Editing & Optimizations
AI Detection – What You Should Know
Tool-Specific Detailed Walkthroughs
Using ChatGPT
Content at Scale Detailed Walkthrough
Jasper AI Detailed Walkthrough
Summary + Downloadable References

Name of Course: Geoff Cudd – AI Writing Course for Bloggers & Digital Marketers | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $149 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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