Ajit Nawalkha – Coaching Businesses

Ajit Nawalkha – Coaching Businesses

Coaching Businesses – Learn How To Become An Incredibly Valuable Business-Coach…Using a Tested And Proven System, And Even If You Have No Previous Business Experience.

Master The Skills It Takes To Break Into The Un-Tapped, Lucrative Industry Of Business-Coaching, And Immediately Position Yourself As A Leader And An In-Demand Coach That Confidently Charges Premium Rates

Introducing Coaching Businesses

A Four-Week Digital Coaching Program…To Help You Become A Highly-Paid And Sought-After Business Coach

Join master business-coach and entrepreneur, Ajit Nawalkha, as he lets you in on his proven process to becoming a highly skilled and impactful business coach…

…even if you’re completely new to the business world.

When you learn how to coach businesses, you’ll not only be able to create extraordinary growth and measurable results for your clients…

…But you’ll also be able to finally sell premium packages with confidence, create a consistent income stream and become the impactful, prosperous coach you’re meant to be.

You’ll be able to:

  • Finally charge premium prices
    You’ll confidently charge $400, $500 and even $1,000 per hour because your work directly increases your client’s bottom line, so you have measurable proof for the impact your coaching creates
  • Impact thousands of lives
    You won’t just be changing the lives of one person, but you’ll be transforming entire teams and company cultures, possibly even saving and creating new jobs through the impact of your coaching.
  • Get paid what you’re worth
    You’ll never have to sell yourself short or hear the dreaded I can’t afford this response ever again, because your clients are businesses and actually have a budget that easily allows them to invest multiple 4- and 5-figures in coaching with you.
  • Stop chasing clients for good
    You’re finally done with chasing clients and wondering where the next one will come from because you have long-term engagements that are easy to sustain (even for years and years)
  • Sell high-end packages with ease
    You’ll know how to craft and sell high-end packages that not only make you more money, but that your clients are actually happy to buy because they can instantly see the value you will provide for their business
  • Create long-term success
    You’ll be able to relax into the fact that your coaching practice is profitable, stable AND set up for long-term success, because the business coaching industry is rapidly growing, with new potential clients entering the market every single day
  • Attract the perfect clients for you
    You’ll have a proven system and the necessary confidence to reach out to the RIGHT clients who are eager and excited to work with you (without trying to push down your rates, or questioning your worth)
  • Enjoy more free time and freedom for yourself
    Have more time and freedom to expend your life beyond just work, because you’re not hustling like a maniac to pay the bills, but have trustworthy systems and processes in place that allow you to keep your sanity and take excellent care of yourself

Name of Course: ​Ajit Nawalkha – Coaching Businesses | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page: https://www.evercoach.com/coaching-businesses/

Author Price: $697 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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