Alex Myatt – Copy Career Accelerator

Alex Myatt – Copy Career Accelerator 2024

A Realistic Guide to Launching Your Copywriting Career in 2023

Questions like…

​“How do I get clients… what methods did you use?”

​“Can you show me examples of how to do research properly?”

“How do I make sure I don’t disappoint people?”

​“What other resources do I need?”

​“Can I get the notes on this…?”

The “Copy Career Accelerator” Is the Ultimate Answer to All Your Remaining Questions…

What’s inside Copy Career Accelerator?

1. Getting Clients & Landing Jobs

How to Get Clients: Copy That!’s Masterclass Trilogy

Masterclass #1: “How to Attract Clients & Cut Through the Clutter of Your Competition”

Masterclass #2: “How to Build a Network So Solid That You’ll Never Have to ‘Apply’ for a Job Ever Again…”

Masterclass #3: “Secrets to Successful CVs, Resumes, and Pitches (That Land 4 of Every 5 Jobs They Go For)”

2. Uncovering the Secrets of Good Research

How a “Six-Figure Copywriter” Conducts Research

This is REAL footage of me (Alex) using my detailed research progress to master an entire market

Ever wondered if you’re doing research wrong? These unrestricted videos will show you once and for all.

3. Mastering the Basics

Staying On Track: 5 Copywriting Cheat Sheets for Beginners

Make these 5 core lessons into your personal mantras.

If you could only look at one resource for the rest of your career, you should choose this one every time.

(Print them out, make them your screensaver, tattoo them on your forearm… Just don’t forget them.)

4. Speeding Up Your Learning

Alex’s Very Own: Summarized Notes on 5 of the Best Copywriting Books

This is where things get a little intimate.

You’ll get access to my own take-aways from the very best copywriting books out there.

5. Making Everything Stick

The ORIGINAL SCRIPT for the 5-hour “Secrets of Copywriting” Video

Become a “true copywriting geek” by unlocking the original script of the video

that has already helped thousands of people begin their copywriting journey.

Again… nobody has ever seen this before.

6. Jumping All the Roadblocks

ALL 9 Copy That! “Private Q&A Streams”

Unlock access to our “behind-closed-doors” archive of private Q&A streams where dozens of beginners

have asked us about their most pressing problems.

If you have any remaining questions about copywriting or getting clients, I’m almost certain you’ll find an answer here.

Name of Course: Alex Myatt – Copy Career Accelerator | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page: h–e0ef4/

Author Price: $99 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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