Andre Chaperon – Lean Business for Creators (Volume 1)

Lean Business for Creators

Lean Business for Creators (Volume 1) by Andre Chaperon

The format of LBC (Volume 1) is mainly long-form text. If you don’t enjoy learning by reading, please don’t join. Don’t buy. This is not a video course.

In the majority cases I’ve experienced, I don’t believe video is respectful of your time and attention. Most people will take an hour to describe something which could have been said in 10 minutes or less.

Video has a place in learning — like showing how to do something that’s difficult to explain in written format — which I embrace and support.

But video is also not well suited for reference. Most marketers create video because it’s easier for them. Not because it’s a better learning medium for their students.

I’ve got a “voice” built for text, not video.

The written word done well is different. It’s beautiful and concise. There’s little waste. Either a word is needed to convey the thought or idea or insight, or it doesn’t get used.

Lean Business for Creators (Volume 1) is 93% written. Long-form.

The course content is *not* dripped out.

You’ll have access to it all. It’s self-paced. Meaning you can tear through it at a pace to match your schedule. That said, the goal isn’t speed.

What will you get from Lean Business for Creators ?

At a meta-level, you’ll learn how to be a better marketer. You’ll learn a (strategic) skill that’s transferable to the marketing you already do, and the marketing you’ll do for years to come.

In LBC you’ll *not* learn how to do a product launch. That’s a tool, a tactic.

  • Rather: You’ll learn how to create empathy lead marketing that connects emotionally with the people you seek to serve.
  • You’ll learn how to move people from prospect to customer because you’ve demonstrated you understand their problem, and have a solution they care about and want.
  • When you do this well, “selling” becomes superfluous. It’s a thing of beauty when you create an asset that behaves like this.
  • You’ll *not* learn how to coerce sales through fake pressure, hype and hoopla. Enough people are teaching this through their behavior and actions.
  • You’ll learn how to create human-to-human marketing that matters to just the few people you seek to serve. The complete opposite to mass marketing.

The industry is already crammed overflowing with people teaching and practicing clueless mass-style marketing.

No mass here.

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