Asia Forex Mentor – One Core Program

One Core Program

One Core Program by Asia Forex Mentor – THE #1 PROGRAM FOR PROFESSIONAL TRADING

I used to spend my time teaching via physical live seminars. But there’s only so many people that I can reach in this way. That’s why I’ve decided to make the transition to teaching online. I’ve put an insane amount of effort into crafting the program, the learning structure and methods in order to make it as effective as possible. In fact, it’s even more effective than a live seminar. This is because of the simple fact that you can pause and repeat at certain points where you need time to digest.

The One Core Program is a program where I leave nothing out. I wanted to put my very best into creating something that can last for generations. And perhaps even to be called an industry classic 40 years down the road.

In One Core Program, I share all my proprietary methods and the tools that I personally use. I have spent thousands of dollars on getting it customized for myself and I’m giving my all in this program.

So when I say I truly hold nothing back, it’s entirely true. This is where I share all my years of wins and losses. The lessons I’ve learnt, the things that work and what simply doesn’t. This encompasses the making of a professional trader, the things we do behind the scenes, the mentality, the execution methods, the exit methods… How to make really big money in trading (very few traders actually do this).

Most traders and gurus teach you systems where they make around 10% return a year. Now, by market standards, that’s pretty good. Because it’s better than the fixed deposit rates that our banks give us.

But will it make you rich? Hardly…

And if you spend your time learning this craft of trading only to make such returns, you might as well put your money in the stock index, such as the S&P500. That has averaged an annual return of 9.8% for the last 90 years.

Why spend time learning something that doesn’t give you a better return than the market?

The only reason why we trade is that, when done right, it has the ability to make you really big money.

That’s what you are here for. And that’s why I’ve put so much effort into creating this program.


I’m sure you can see by now that the One Core Program is very likely to be the most comprehensive and most powerful trading program out there. I have put tremendous effort into the creation of this program. Putting everything that I know that works and what doesn’t into it. I’ve formulated it into a progressive step-by-step learning process whereby after every module, there is a case study on the live charts followed by a task after it. This way, you can not only learn the concept, but also see how it works in the live charts followed by actual practice to make sure you can understand and implement them.

The curriculum is created under a proper learning structure, I know it because I do own an arm of an education business and I’ve created it in such a structure for maximum learning effectiveness. So you’ll know that it’s not a program put out in a day or two.

As you can see, this is not an ordinary program where you will learn some nuggets here and you have to pay more to join another program where they teach further stuff. The One Core Program is everything you need and more. It’s the teachings of the actual workings in the live market. And it’s created for professional trading, for people who truly want to make trading a core skill. This is a money-making skill that they can master and pass on to their future generations.

The tremendous reviews and testimonials that my students has given describe it best. And I’m very thankful for it.


Name of Course: Asia Forex Mentor – One Core Program | Release Date: 2021

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