Authority Hacker – The SEO Penalty Pack

Authority Hacker – The SEO Penalty Pack

The SEO Penalty Pack – A Proven Path to Preserve or Recover SEO Traffic, Prevent Future Traffic Declines and Restore Google’s Trust & Credibility

The main reason websites lose their ranking is because they fail to maintain the quality levels expected by Google on a sitewide level.

This is often a result of aging content, out-of-date information, poor user experience, and user metrics, or simply because your competition has caught up and outdone you.

As a result, the average page quality decreases over time, and when you reach a critical point where your score dips below the average of your competition, this often spells BIG trouble for organic traffic.

We’ve developed a custom scoring system along with a pre-built Notion System that will help you identify and remove or update “Unhelpful” fast, as well as redeploy your link profile strategically.

Get Instant Access To The SEO Penalty Pack

  • The Content Audit Blueprint
    Step-by-step video course on identifying what pages are bringing your site down and how to address them.
  • The E-E-A-T Blueprint
    Practical E-E-A-T implementation on your site to pass Google’s new “legitimacy” threshold.
  • The Smart Notion System
    Speed your audit up by using our custom Notion System that “buckets” pages for you and helps you stay organized.
  • Custom Code Templates
    Programatically showcase your expertise to Google through custom SCHEMA not supported by SEO Plugins.
  • The Technical Audit System
    Identify the most common technical issues that may be preventing your site from doing well in search.
  • Audit Case Studies
    Follow along as we walk you through case studies of our most challenging audits and how we came up on top.

Who Is This Training For?

Sites Hit by Recent Google Updates

If an update has slashed your traffic, this course could be the lifeline your site needs.

Perfect for anyone from site owners to marketing teams looking for a way forward.

Update-Wary Website Operators

Worried you’re next on Google’s hit list?

Arm yourself with our strategies to safeguard your site’s traffic, suitable for anyone invested in their site’s longevity.

SEO Agencies and Freelancers

Dive into our training to offer high-demand site audits and recovery strategies.

Perfect for agencies and freelancers eager to increase revenue by meeting a critical market need.

Name of Course: Authority Hacker – The SEO Penalty Pack | Release Date: 2024

Sale Page:

Author Price: $999 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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