Ben Settle – Copy Troll Course

Copy Troll Course

Copy Troll Course by Ben Settle – shows you a simple way for getting new business and sales practically “at will” — whenever some basement-dwelling troll attacks you, hates on you, or even so much as leaves a negative review or social media comment about you.

What You Will Learn in Copy Troll Course:

  • A bizarre (yet ingenious) way to use a plain text email to (1) make almost anyone trolling you look like a buffoon (2) potentially get a windfall of new business and (3) create a stronger company brand at the same time.
  • The secret psychology behind how two of my customers and I flipped being called “white supremacists” by a famous celebrity rapper on Twitter into a horde of new customers, clients, and sales for our businesses!
  • How to write emails that quickly “cancel out” baseless attacks, slanders, and accusations.
  • How one of my customers “sucker punched” the media by turning getting trolled by Snopes (while also having death wished upon her and her kids by a horde of bat shit crazy environmental fanatics) into a tsunami of new sales and leads!
  • The strange (and totally illogical & irrational) secret to getting paid top dollar even if your product or service is not the best.
  • How to “psychologically abuse” anyone who trolls you!
  • The startling reason why many outrageously successful celebrities hardly ever communicate on Facebook… and what sites they do spend their time on, instead.
  • A surprisingly effective way to respond to a troll who randomly sends you an email full of negativity, anger, or hate.
  • How to use a Facebook group to grow your list if a troll puts you “on blast” on YouTube.
  • A clever (and very sneaky) thing you can do to your name to possibly turn mockery, insults, and slurs into a personal brand that attracts high quality fans, customers, and followers!
  • How the Copy Troll method can help you “embezzle away” a troll’s audience so they buy from you, instead.
  • A 5-point “laundry list” of ways to use mockery to sell to people using email!
  • A crafty way to “de-power” your critics that was also routinely used by Johnny Carson to help get the highest ratings in his TV time slot year after year.
  • And much more…

Name of Course: Ben Settle – Copy Troll Course | Release Date: 2021

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Author Price: $433 | Our Price: Free For VIP Members

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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