Biz Buying Course Bundle – Codie Sanchez

Biz Buying Course Bundle

Biz Buying Course Bundle – Learn How to Buy a Small Business. Build Freedom and Passive Income Through Acquisitions. Proven methods to find, analyze, buy and build small businesses. It’s not rocket science, it’s the class no one teaches.

Build a path to freedom through small business acquisition whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or searching for passive income investments.

Is This Course for Me?

    Don’t start a business. Buy then build.

Either in start-up mode or thinking about a start-up. Buying a profitable business provides a great alternative to the hardship of start-ups with most failing in the first few years. Immediate profit and cashflow allows you to focus all your energy on growing your new business.

    Acquire your way to business growth.

Small business acquisitions are a unique way for you to grow your current business in to new markets, add products or services, and increase revenue and profit. There are so many small business acquisition opportunities in the market right now. Learn how to acquire and grow.

    A new path to passive income investing.

Looking for passive income with higher returns and control over your investment. If you believe the stock market and real estate is overpriced, small business offers a great alternative for passive investing with high rates of return and the ability to leverage other people’s money.

What’s inside Biz Buying Course Bundle?

Learn to become a dealmaker in 30 days!

  • Unit 1 – Intro – Buying a Business​
  • Unit 2 – What type of business?​
  • Unit 3 – Finding the Business​
  • Unit 4 – Selling Yourself​
  • Unit 5 – How to Value a Business​
  • Unit 6 – Negotiating the Deal​
  • Unit 7 – Financing the Deal​
  • Unit 8 – Legal and Contracts​
  • Unit 9 – First 90 Days as a Business Owner​

Name of Course: Biz Buying Course Bundle – Codie Sanchez | Release Date: 2023

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Author Price: $2000 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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