Bob Bly – The World’s Best Kept Copywriting Secrets

The World’s Best Kept Copywriting Secrets

The World’s Best Kept Copywriting Secrets – Read It Tonight…and Wake Up Tomorrow Morning Writing “Killer Copy” That Doubles or Triples Your Response Rates

The World’s Best Kept Copywriting Secrets, by comparison, gives you just 49 powerful copywriting techniques, hand-picked by me for their usefulness and originality.

In just 133 tightly written pages, we’ve cut all the fluff, and just left you the meat.

You literally can read The World’s Best Kept Copywriting Secrets in an evening or two … then start putting them to work increasing the response of the copy you write the very next morning!

Here’s just a sampling of the incredibly potent copywriting methods you’ll find in The World’s Best Kept Copywriting Secrets … yours to examine risk-free in the privacy of your home or office:

  • How the great Ted Nicholas added an extra $2 million profit on a single mailing. It’s on page 78.
  • Do you believe the copywriting manuals that tell you, “Always write in plain English; never use jargon”? This little-known secret by marketing guru Bob McCarthy will shock and surprise you … and make your copy MUCH stronger. Page 51.
  • Rosser Reeves’ “lost” 3-part formula for writing a winning Unique Selling Proposition or “USP.” Page 3.
  • Opera singer’s communication secret can make you a better copywriter. Page 49.
  • Survey of top headlines shows they all contain this single powerful word. Hint: It’s not the word you think. Page 65.
  • Living legend Gary Bencivenga reveals “the secret of the monkey’s fist.” Every copywriter alive needs to master this technique – including me! Page 24.
  • The world’s most powerful tool for making sure every headline you write is a winner: the secret of the 4 U’s. Page 22.
  • And much more…

Name of Course: Bob Bly – The World’s Best Kept Copywriting Secrets | Release Date: 2021

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