Bree Weber – Cold Pitch Masterclass

Cold Pitch Masterclass

Cold Pitch Masterclass by Bree Weber – Get a proven step-by-step framework to send ethical cold pitches to your wishlist clients — without sounding sleazy, feeling annoying or coming off desperate — that will have prospects responding enthusiastically to get on your books.

Because as a business owner you are well aware that:

  • No clients = no business and no money. But still bills, whaddayaknow…
  • You need a reliable system to generate leads (aaaand that’s always on the to-do list)
  • Consistent action is what makes a difference…but it’s so hard to see what’s actually moving the needle
  • Getting clients is hard, but getting clients you LOVE is like Mission Impossible (only accessible to the elite of the elite at the top of their game)
  • Referrals are great! Except when they dry up, and you’re left staring at big, yawning gaps in your calendar

And while cold pitching seems like it *could* be the key to a pipeline full of ideal clients…

Cold Pitch Masterclass

The thought of actually doing it is exhausting. And makes you seize up just a little.

  • Because you could spend hours on research – but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll hear anything back
  • Personalized pitches might get you a better response rate – but that feels like an entire job and not the scalable or sustainable lead generation system you need
  • If you get through the onslaught of second-guessing (how do I figure out what my ideal client needs? Do I pitch one project? Multiple projects? What’s the right way to do this?..) – the thought of them actually responding, asking for more detail and THEN rejecting you has you curled in the fetal position
  • You’ve been the unwilling recipient of SO MANY horrible pitch emails and *errrgh* telemarketers –  and there’s no way you’re going to be one of those skeezy, sleazy spammers 
  • And worst of all, even though you want to come across as an expert collaborator – you’re sure they’ll see you as a sad, desperate freelancer that’s begging for work (cue Oliver Twist)

Name of Course: Bree Weber – Cold Pitch Masterclass | Release Date: 2021

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