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BNB Formula Program

BNB Formula Program – Everything You Need To Become A Profitable Real Estate Investor… Without Owning Real Estate! To make money in real estate, sometimes you need to think outside the box.

We’ll show a handful of beginners how to profit with short term rentals using properties they don’t own. From how to locate the right place, to getting owners on board, staging for guests, and listing online. In a town they’ve never seen, pitching people they’ve never met, they will need to prove they have what it takes to become a House Hacker.

What is BNB Formula Program  ?

Airbnb is the leader in the home-sharing, short-term rental and home sharing industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, Airbnb is projected to grow from $1.5 billion in revenue today to $10 Billion by 2020. Currently Airbnb makes up less than 1% of the hospitality industry with exponential growth expected in the near future as consumers become aware of and choose “sharing hospitality” and short term stays over traditional hotels.

A recent Forbes article states that 75 people are making over $1 Million per year on the platform. It’s also estimated that thousands are earning well over six figures annually using just Airbnb. Making money with Airbnb is now becoming a legitimate business for those who desire to build one.

BNB Formula Program allows students to acquire and manage multiple listings without having to invest huge sums of money or buy property. Brian’s system shows step by step how to find willing property owners, set up the listings so they’re profitable in less than 60 days, and then repeat the process. Course registration opens April 26 and will only accepting registrations for 10 days.

The BNB Formula Program is part online educational video training and part direct live mentorship. Students will watch videos each week, complete real world tasks and join a live weekly coaching call where they work to implement what they’ve learned. The course walks through how to go from zero properties and no experience to expert status and multiple income earning listings by the completion of the 8 week training.

The BNB Formula Program training goes into depth on such topics as:

  • How to delegate 95% of day to day tasks to free up your time
  • Using Templates, Fillable Forms, and Downloadable Tools to build your business
  • Access to a global online community of other BNB business owners – via the private forum
  • Using custom profitability software with the BNB Property Profits Calculator
  • 14 On-site videos showing you the best tips and tricks for listings
  • Deep Dive lessons for in depth training on a variety of useful BNB skills
  • Outsourcing almost all guest communication through third party services
  • The 3 types of property that are most profitable to turn into BNB listings
  • The 8 teams to put in place that will help you scale quickly
  • How to stage properties to get more bookings
  • The calendar hacks that will fill 90-95% of your available nights
  • How to scale the business over time to reach your income goal
  • Discussions on guest interaction including rules, check-in and checkout.
  • Promoting and marketing home sharing listings globally.
  • Expert interviews from successful six figure BNB hosts around the world

Name of Course: Brian Page – BNB Formula Program | Release Date: 2018

Sale Page:

Author Price: $997 | Our Price: Free For VIP Members

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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