Copyhacker – 10x Launches

10x Launches

10x Launches – you’ll become the launch machine you always knew you should be – crafting exceptional experiences that bring in sales

What’s Included 10x Launches:

You’ll 10x your strategic toolkit and:

  • Use the “Coaching the Conversion” methodology to quickly craft custom launch strategies that fill bank accounts without making you feel like a worn out door-to-door sales rep
  • Tackle any launch plan with confidence – whether it’s a product launch, an evergreen launch or the launch for the course you’ve been lovingly building for the last three years – thanks to the tested, proven system in your back pocket
  • Firmly move away from seeing launches as “finite windows of opportunity” where you have to throw urgency, scarcity and a big ole spoonful of guilt at your prospect and discover what to do instead (it feels much less yucky)
  • Use the 47 golden questions to delve deep into who your ideal prospect is and help them become the perfect buyer without resorting to cheap tactics
  • Wield segmentation like a pro and earn an enthusiastic buy-in from your prospect from the first email
  • Confidently recommend the launch email sequences your clients need, in the correct order (all while knowing that you can execute on the copy too → even if you’ve never tackled a launch before)
  • Leave the hard sell firmly in the past by embracing the moment your prospect signs on with you as the critical relationship-building opportunity that it is

You’ll 10x your copywriting toolkit and:

  • Make blank-page syndrome a gremlin you’ll never have to fight again thanks to the proven formulas, processes and theme-plates you’ll find inside 10x Launches
  • Use the principle of minimum viable commitment to guide your prospect through a series of micro-conversions, so that saying yes to you feels like the natural next step
  • Lean on the theme-plates – custom-designed formulas specifically crafted to help you create irresistible sales messages rooted in psychology and brought to life by your research – to confidently create email copy in a fraction of the time
  • Craft copy that reaches deep into the hidden places that store your reader’s hopes and fears and empowers them to act → the kind of copy that’s behind all the biggest 6 and 7-fig launches you follow
  • Use open loops, consistency loops, the moment of highest tension and the moment of highest pleasure to create emails that prod your reader out of inertia and inspire action
  • Deploy ethical “closing” manouveurs during the last 48 hours of the launch to close those sales while keeping your sales copy 100% ick-free


Name of Course: Copyhacker – 10x Launches | Release Date: 2018

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Author Price: $997 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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