Custom Event Mastery – Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer – Custom Event Mastery

Custom Event Mastery – A training to leverage custom events for conversion reporting, optimization, and targeting

Custom events are the secret of Meta advertising that only a select few know how to leverage. You can change that.

The core to effective Meta Ads optimization is conversion events, but not every important action can be defined with a standard event.

Jon uses more than 9 custom events that fire when important actions occur. He uses these events to improve ads reporting, optimization, and even targeting. You can, too.

Custom Event Mastery Included

Learn the basics of custom events:

  • What Custom Events Are and Why They Matter
  • Setting Up Google Tag Manager
  • Setting Up the Base Pixel with GTM
  • Questions to Ask Yourself About Events to Create
  • Add Variables
  • The Basic Elements of Custom Events and GTM
  • Test Your Events

Learn exactly how to create custom events:

  • Internal Link Click Event
  • External Link Click Event
  • Time on Page Event (Simple)
  • Time on Page Event (Complex)
  • Scroll Depth Event (Simple)
  • Scroll Depth Event (Complex)
  • Referral Event
  • Embedded YouTube Video Engagement Event
  • Combination Event
  • Other Events to Consider
  • Parameters and Custom Conversions

Learn how to leverage these powerful events:

  • Custom Events and Reporting
  • Custom Metrics Using Custom Events
  • Custom Events and Optimization
  • Custom Events and Targeting

Name of Course: Jon Loomer – Custom Event Mastery | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $147 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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