Daniel Harkavy – Becoming a Coaching Leader eCourse

Becoming a Coaching Leader eCourse

Becoming a Coaching Leader eCourse by Daniel Harkavy – Be More Than A Manager

Unlock a proven system to bring out the best in your people, find more purpose in your role and maximize your leadership impact

Build your skills as a coach and find new purpose in your role by cultivating an engaging and effective culture in your workplace.

Proven System for Proven Results

More than just a course, Becoming a Coaching Leader is a proven system that will provide you with the skills, tools and structure you need to change the trajectory of your role and leadership.

With just a little help and direction, you can attain the skills to:

  • Become the kind of leader people want to follow
  • Deliver extraordinary results with an engaged team
  • Develop a culture that attracts the best people

What You Will Learn in Becoming a Coaching Leader eCourse?

We will walk you step-by-step through a proven model that will transform your leadership and allow you to deliver extraordinary results for your people and organization – all while finding more fulfillment in your role.

Building Champions CEO and Founder Daniel Harkavy created this system more than 30 years ago – and has helped thousands of clients and teams implement it. Hear why he is so passionate about it – and how it can help you become a better leader.

Name of Course: ​Daniel Harkavy – Becoming a Coaching Leader eCourse | Release Date: 2022

Sale Page: https://www.becomingacoachingleader.com/

Author Price: $247 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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