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Technical and Fundamental Courses

Technical and fundamental courses by Diamant Capital refer to educational programs that focus on different aspects of financial analysis and trading.

Technical analysis is a method of evaluating securities by analyzing statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices and volume. Technical courses typically teach students how to use various charting and analysis tools to identify trends, patterns, and signals in financial markets. This type of analysis is often used by traders who rely on quantitative data and mathematical models to make investment decisions.

Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, is a method of evaluating securities by examining the underlying economic and financial factors that affect their value. Fundamental courses typically cover topics such as financial statement analysis, macroeconomic indicators, industry trends, and company valuation methods. This type of analysis is often used by investors who seek to understand the intrinsic value of a security and make long-term investment decisions based on their findings.

Technical and fundamental courses curriculum:

  • Technicals
  • Advanced Technicals
  • Trade Entries
  • Trade Management
  • Core Fundamentals
  • Advanced Fundamentals (I)
  • Advanced Fundamentals (II)
  • Applying Fundamentals To Technicals
  • Elite Strategy I
  • Elite Strategy II

Name of Course: Diamant Capital – Technical and Fundamental Courses | Release Date: 2023

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Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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