Eat The Blocks – Smart Contract Security 101

Smart Contract Security 101

Smart Contract Security 101 by Eat The Blocks – Learn how to develop safe Solidity smart contracts

Security Course 101

The objective of this course is to understand how to develop a smart contract in the safest way possible. For this, we need to keep in mind not only what we want to create in the contract, but how to generate security-focused code.

To achieve this purpose, since the contracts in a large percentage represent real money, we need to be updated as developers on the most known vulnerabilities and know how old hacks worked so as not to repeat those same errors.

Smart Contract Security 101 not only focuses on the most known vulnerabilities currently but is also good practices, explanation of patterns and problems of these, for example, conflicts when using upgradeable contracts or how to obtain random numbers within a deterministic blockchain.

All this knowledge will be useful not only to develop smart contracts but also to audit them. Therefore, it is a core knowledge of smart contracts.

In Smart Contract Security 101, you will learn:

  • Understanding security in a Blockchain Application.
  • How does an attack on a Smart Contract work?
  • Known attacks and how to fix them (Reentrancy, Overflow, Replay Attack, DoS, weak randomness, and much more).
  • Best practices and security patterns.
  • Understand how three famous hacks happened.
  • How to test your contract
  • How to know the coverage of your test?

Name of Course: Eat The Blocks – Smart Contract Security 101 | Release Date: 2021

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