Eben Pagan – Marketing Step by Step

Eben Pagan - Marketing Step by Step

Marketing Step by Step – Discover The Proven Marketing Techniques, Approaches, Mindsets, And Strategies I’ve Used To Grow 10 Successful Companies From Zero To 1 Million In Sales And Generate Over 100 Million In Sales Online

Do you want to learn how to market your products or services successfully and attract customers to buy what you’re selling?

Introducing Marketing Step By Step

Marketing Step By Step is complete training program I created based off everything I learned from building 10 different businesses that were very successful in sales and marketing and then teaching marketing to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

Inside, your going to learn how to market your product or service successfully and attract customers to buy what you’re selling.

I’m going to teach you various approaches to marketing from the mental to the emotional to the physical and I believe that if you take this techniques, approaches, and mindsets that I’m going to teach you and apply them to your business, you’re going to achieve the results, make sales, attract customers, make profit, and ultimately obtain the power, influence, and success you want in life and in business.

Marketing Step By Step broken up into 4 different sections.

  • Marketing Mindsets
    How marketing fits into business. Why we need use and succeed with marketing. And new ways of seeing the world and understand how this all works.
  • Marketing Psychology
    how our human psychological and emotional systems work and why we make decisions to buy one thing over the other and especially the structure of how we make decisions differently when we have a strong need because this information will help you sell products to people who want to buy.
  • Marketing Strategy
    How advertisement works with sales, with video and sales letters, with websites and technology, so we can understand what we’re building and how it all works together to create marketing and sales systems that run in an automatic and automated way.
  • Marketing Actions
    How to create advertisements that get people to respond. How to write headlines and copy using the most powerful and emotional words and phrases to draw people in and get them interested in our products and services. and ultimately get them to make the decision to buy from us and trade us money for the products and services we’re selling so we can make the income and success in our business.

Each section itself is broken up into individual sessions for a combined total of 19 video training sessions in the program.

Name of Course: Eben Pagan – Marketing Step by Step | Release Date: 2019

Sale Page: https://ebenpagantraining.com/product/marketing-step-by-step/

Author Price: $997 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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