Ecommerce Forecasting – Dave Rekuc (CXL)

Ecommerce Forecasting

Ecommerce Forecasting By Dave Rekuc – Become great at forecasting. This course will teach you a simple approach to building revenue forecasts you can hit — purchase inventory and confidently plan cash flow.

The Ecommerce Forecasting is essential for you if…

  • You own the growth for your ecommerce brand and need to create accurate projections.
  • You’re a C-level executive that needs to understand better how to forecast revenue accurately.
  • You want to understand deeper how to grow your brand.

After taking Ecommerce Forecasting Course, you will…

  • Clearly understand the inputs that build an ecommerce business’ monthly revenue and know how to build an accurate model yourself.
  • Learn how to track your current progress against a forecast so that you can quickly adapt in real time to your progress.
  • Create a channel strategy based on how it layers up to an overall revenue outcome keeping all your channels aligned towards accomplishing the overall goal.
  • Understand how to use your forecast to communicate with various stakeholders internally to keep everyone aligned on working towards the overall goal.

Your course curriculum

  • The leaky customer bucket and why it matters for projections
  • Projecting with percentiles
  • Overview of creating a customer cohort-based forecast
  • Creating your new customer revenue projection
  • Active customer file metrics
  • Recently acquired customer repeat rates
  • Finalizing monthly inputs
  • Review and refine your forecast
  • Creating faster and easier weekly projections
  • Weekly forecasting feedback loop

Name of Course: Ecommerce Forecasting – Dave Rekuc (CXL) | Release Date: 2023

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