Edge Trading Group – Elite Advantage 5 Step Playbook

Elite Advantage 5 Step Playbook

Elite Advantage 5 Step Playbook by Edge Trading Group

What’s Inside Elite Advantage 5 Step Playbook:

Course goals: Use my understanding of WHY prices move and transfer that understanding it into action and skills I can apply in the markets.

  • Enduring Understandings

    I will now know that my consistency will only come once I’ve eliminated randomness in my trading. My predictions no longer feel like guesses

  • Common Misconceptions

    I will know that I’m no longer missing some industry secret which will unlock my success.

  • Essential Questions – Community Questions to stimulate further thought

    How can i adapt these trading drills and apply them to my own trading approach? What can I glean from other successful traders application of the governing principle? How can I simplify my process so I can trade more of what I see rather than what I think?

    Name of Course: Edge Trading Group – Elite Advantage 5 Step Playbook | Release Date: 2021

    Sale Page: https://edgetradinggroup.com/courses/edge-elite/

    Author Price: $997 | Our Price: Free For VIP Members

    Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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