Email Side Hustle Coaching – Sean Anthony

Email Side Hustle Coaching

Email Side Hustle Coaching by Sean Anthony – A blueprint to going from $0 to 4-figure per month checks in 30-90 days and up to 6-figures per year in 12 months writing simple emails…

Client wins from Email Side Hustlers

  • Clem – $25k/mo in 9 months
    Clem grew his email biz from nothing to $25k/mo+ in 9 months while still working a 9-5. He quit in December 2020 to go full-time into his biz
  • Derek – $7k/mo in 10 months
    Derek quit his job as a Marketing Manager in 2020 and grew his email biz to almost a 6-figure annual income in 10 months
  • Scott – $5k/mo in 4 months
    Scott works a 9-5 as an engineer and built an email biz in 4 months on his spare time
  • Joy – $55k deal in 1.5 months
    Joy had no prior knowledge or skills in writing emails, yet in just 1.5 months she closed a $55k “deal” writing emails for an ecom agency
  • Rusydi – $10k+ from 1 client
    Rusydi went from small projects to landing big deals with clients paying $10k+
  • Kevin – $7k/mo in 9 months
    Kevin fulfilled a dream of replacing his day job income with internet income from his email biz
  • Ricky – $5k/mo in 90 days
    Ricky went from not knowing a thing about email to landing a $5k/mo client in 90 days
  • Sam – $7k/mo in 6 months
    Sam grew his email biz to just a smidge under $100k/yr in 6 months

Name of Course: Email Side Hustle Coaching – Sean Anthony | Release Date: 2023

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Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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