Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Traffic

Smart Google Traffic

Smart Google Traffic – The Hidden Traffic Source With Double The Power Of Facebook

What’s Inside Smart Google Traffic:

  • Module 1: Tech Nasty – Setting Up Shop & Building Accounts

Building your team – The “A” Team of technology. Everything serves a unique role and works together. this session will walk through the creation of accounts and linking everything together for success.

  • Module 2: Remarketing Setup & Display Ads

We’ll cover list creation, ad creation, using lists from AdWords vs. Lists from GAN, dynamic remarketing, the basics of GDN and more.

  • Module 3: Brand Search Campaign

This session will cover the importance of building campaigns both for keeping competitors from bidding on your brand terms, and to help your overall adwords account health. This module will also lay the groundwork for anyone who might want to move into using AdWords for prospecting.

  • Module 4: Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the leading comparison shopping engine(CSE) on the market. Product searches either start on Amazon or Google. We’ll cover Google Shopping as a remarketing vehicle and for brand searches. We’ll also lay the groundwork for using Google Shopping for prospecting.

  • Module 5: YouTube & Shoppable TrueView.

Combine YouTube pre-roll video ads with Google Shopping (PLAs). We’ll cover gow ti setuo Shoppable TrueView ads as the perfect remarketing vehicle and as great platform to launch new products to existing customers.

  • Bonus Module: Using Google For Prospecting

We’ll go through how to leverage the Google Ad Ecosystem for awareness/prospecting campaigns!

Name of Course: Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Traffic | Release Date: 2018

Sale Page: https://landing.smartmarketer.com/pages/smart-google-traffic

Author Price: $1497 | Our Price: Free For VIP Members

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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