Figma Pro Secrets – Alexunder Hess

Alexunder Hess - Figma Pro Secrets

Figma Pro Secrets is an advanced design video course that will help you become a Web and UI Design Expert.

Learn the techniques nobody knows!

Confidence gives you POWER!

Say “NO!” to Imposter Syndrome! In the Figma Pro Secrets course, you’ll learn techniques 99% of other designers haven’t even heard about.

Want to become a valuable asset in a startup, agency or a product company? You’ll become the most efficient and valuable designer for any team.

Ask for a promotion and a higher salary because you’ll know more than anyone else in your team.

After Figma Pro Secrets course you will:

  • communicate your design decisions with confidence
  • improve your UI Design skills
  • optimize your UX/UI Design process
  • charge more money for your work
  • make your Managers feel confident in your skills
  • show your expertise and make people listen to YOU!

Your results after this course. You’ll learn:

  • How to create UI design and Graphic design components for Websites, Mobile and TV apps, Games, and anything else with Figma: icons, illustrations, backgrounds, special patterns, grids, layouts, mockups, navigation, menu, sliders, badges, split-buttons, buttons, cards, chips, tab bars, bottom bars, progress, filters, modals, lists, search, checkboxes, radio buttons, inputs, styleguides and even UI kits.
  • How to work with Figma like a Pro even if you never used this tool before: a special module that explains every single Figma element and parameter, from simple frames, groups and shapes to advanced styles and hidden features.
  • How to use Figma to design Digital products and create Social Media content: how to create Instagram, Linked, Twitter, Gumroad, Youtube thumbnails, covers, carousels and posts; how to prepare and export your Instagram carousel into a Linkedin carousel in ONE click; how to design mockups for your digital products (ebooks, checklists, courses); after this course, you’ll be able to design absolutely anything you need as a Content Creator.

Unlock your confidence with Figma Pro Secrets.

You’ll learn not only “How” but also “WHY” behind every single design decision.

We’ll dive deeper into the tool, and you’ll learn how to become confident in your UI design process.

You’ll learn how to think in systems and focus on final results. The goal of this class is to make you a Figma expert, so you can design better and faster and stand out from the crowd.

People love confident designers. Want to become one?

Join Figma Pro Secrets

  • Advanced UI Design Secrets and Figma tips for Mid/Sr UX/UI Designers
  • From Zero to a Pro: A Special Module for Beginners in Figma
  • Components and Variants for Your Efficiency
  • How to Work with Typefaces like a Pro
  • Colors Tricks from Basic Features to Advanced Techniques
  • How to Create Complex Illustrations the Easy Way
  • Game UI Components and Elements
  • Grids and Layouts for Mobile Apps, Websites
  • How to Create Patterns and Backgrounds for Your Designs
  • Advanced Styles and Effects Techniques… including 3D tips
  • Figma for Graphic Designers: Posters, Presentations, Illustrations
  • 100+ Lessons and Design Mindset tips

Name of Course: Figma Pro Secrets – Alexunder Hess | Release Date: 2023

Sale Page:

Author Price: $297 | Our Price: FREE FOR VIP MEMBERS

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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